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His resolution attracts the notice.S. 4, #17 (June 2002 Feb. Captain America: Steve Rogers 2 (August 2016) Marston, George (June 28, 2016). McKenzie and Perlin wanted Cap to run for office and win, setting up four years' worth of stories in and around Washington,.C. And the duties of the president. X-Men 12 (December 2012) Remender, Rick (w Cassaday, John (p  Cassaday, John (i). . Captain America is plagued by guilt for having been unable to prevent Bucky's death. After that, he goes to his base where Doctor Selvig expresses concern of his plan to kill the Red Skull. "The Hero That Was!" Captain America 109 (January 1969) a b c Stern, Roger (w Byrne, John (p  Rubinstein, Joe (i). . 4 (June 2002 Dec. The 1980s included a run by writer Roger Stern and artist John Byrne. New York, New York: Harry. Rogers is then escorted. Retrieved February 20, 2012. "Super-Soldier No More" Captain America v7, 21 (August 2014) Remender, Rick (w Pacheco, Carlos ; Immonen, Stuart (p  Taibo, Mariano; Von Grawbadger, Wade (i). .

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Although he told Steve Rogers what he had experienced in his timeline, Logan declined Steve's offer of help. Captain America believes that this Phoenix Force is too dangerous to entrust in one person and seeks to prevent Hope from having. 79 The two later encounter the revived but still insane 1950s Captain America. 131 The result is a series of battles that eventually take both teams to the blue area of the moon. "Ross' Return Avengers/Invaders ". Cyclops and the X-Men believe that the Phoenix Force will save their race, and oppose Captain America's wishes. 7' at the Grand Comics Database Sacks, Ethan (July 17, 2014). Captain America was the first Marvel Comics character to appear in media outside comics with the release of the 1944 movie serial, Captain America. 143 He returned to the Uncanny Avengers where the team is now using the Schaefer Theater as their headquarters. Volume   issue needed During the Fear Itself storyline, Steve Rogers is present when the threat of the Serpent is known. One Was Death" Avengers v5, 44 (June 2015) Spencer, Nick (w Acuña, Daniel (p  Acuña, Daniel (i). During this period, Rogers temporarily gains super strength. A b Sanderson, Peter ; Gilbert, Laura,. Cover art by Kieron Dwyer and Al Milgrom.

Brevoort talk making Captain America a Hydra plant". and Captain America vol. Since then, the character has been featured in other films and television series. "Turning Point" Captain America 159 (March 1972) Englehart, Steve (n.d.). When Captain Marvel attempts to arrest Spider-Man, Tony, wearing the War Machine armor, confronts her and the two begin to fight. Marvel stated in May 2011 that Rogers, following the public death of Bucky Barnes in the Fear Itself miniseries, would resume his Captain America identity in a sixth volume of Captain America, by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Steve McNiven. Holub, Christian (May 25, 2016). 178 The secrets of creating a super-soldier were lost with the death of its creator,. 137: "The Black Panther may have broken the mold as Marvel's first black super hero, but he was from Africa. DeFalco, Tom "1960s" in Gilbert (2008. 1974 Comic Art Convention program, cover a b Simon, Joe; Simon, Jim (1990). It was as easy as that. The last of these other official Captains, William Burnside, 68 was a history graduate enamored with the Captain America mythos, having his appearance surgically altered to resemble Rogers and legally changing his name to "Steve Rogers becoming the new "1950s Captain America". 156 As part of his long-term plans, Steve further compromised Sam Wilson's current image as 'the' Captain America by using his greater familiarity with the shield to deliberately put Wilson in a position where he would be unable to use the shield to save. .

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19 and All Select Comics #110 (Fall 19). 2009 Captain America resumed its original numbering, as if the series numbering had continued uninterrupted after #454. Agent, 75 with whom he eventually begins a romantic relationship. 127 Captain America and the Avengers teams end up forming a militia for a last stand against the forces of the Serpent. 1999) and Captain America and the Falcon (May 20). This series considered Captain America volume one by comics researchers and historians, 26 following the 1940s Captain America Comics and its 1950s numbering continuation of Tales of Suspense ended with #454 (Aug. This popularity drew the attention and a complaint from MLJ that the character's triangular shield too closely resembled the chest symbol of their Shield character.